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Surrounded by lush jungles, with panoramic mountain and ocean views, Casa Bellavista was chosen for its ideal location for wellness retreats. As you sit by the spa pool, watching the grazing arabian horses, you will find deep peace and relaxation, tropical birds and howler monkeys call this home and you will too. Come to visit for a few days, a week, or longer...register for a retreat for complete nourishment and revitalization of your spirit.

Suzy Meszoly
Energetic Healing - Reiki
Classical Homeopathy
Spiritual Healing

Rev. Suzy Meszoly DSH, is a spiritual teacher, an energetic channel, healer, psychic, counselor and professional homeopath. The core element of Suzy's teachings is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Suzy resonates this high frequency energy and works with folks to deepen into their own Divine Heart. Suzy explains, "We work with the frequency of Oneness, allowing everything to exist as Divine, allowing all beings to be empowered." Suzy works with the concepts of duality, judgment and fear and helps us to deepen into our own individual place of inspiration, of Divinity, where these concepts become teachers, and we come into Oneness.

She published her first book in 2011, "Infinite Universe – A Simple Guide For Being Here Now" and has a CD of channeled meditations together with crystal singing bowls played by French sound artist, Philippe Garnier, called "Crystal Clear." Her new CD entitled "Merkaba & Metatron" was released Dec 21, 2012 and features Suzy playing the Himalayan bowls and channeling Metatron.

Suzy completed the rigorous traditional seven year training in Europe with the great Hungarian healer, Karoly Fodor, as a Reiki Master in the Usui Tibetan method. Originally from Australia she lived in Europe for many years where she was also trained as a counselor in client-centered therapy. She holds certificates in herbal medicine, holistic nutrition and polarity therapy and is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchezidek, World Light Fellowship.

During hands-on healing sessions, Suzy works with the resonation of the client addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual triggers of illness and channels Divine Light energy to address integration, healing and emotional balance. She practices classical homeopathy addressing physical, mental and emotional illness in both acute and chronic conditions. She is a graduate of the New York School of Homeopathy and has an office in Uptown Kingston, NY, "The Natural Healing Center."

Over the years Suzy has enriched her healing practices through studies with Buddhist Lamas, Hindu teachers, herbalists, healers, shamans, channelers and metaphysics teachers in the US, Australia, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Nepal and India.

Suzy has been channeling the Master Teachers and also teaching workshop classes on the healing arts, the chakra system and spiritual living in New York, Westchester and Woodstock for over fifteen years after moving to the US. Since a profound experience in the jungles of Costa Rica in 2013, Suzy is no longer "channeling" but is now working simply as a spiritual teacher and embracing the energetic field.

reiki retreat with Suzy Meszoly

Retreats at Casa Bellavista are intimate gatherings where you can make friends and find sanctuary, read a book, rediscover yourself

let us do the cooking for you...

nourish your body, soul, and spirit...

Immerse Yourself
Indulge Yourself
Find Inspiration
Regain Inner Peace


Spiritual Intensive & Wellness Retreat
Montezuma, Costa Rica
2017 TBA
With Suzy Meszoly

Registration: $1695 plus travel expenses
registration for retreats is non-refundable and binding,
retreats are limited to 8-12 participants... 

Spiritual Retreat Jan 19-26

The Divine Love Week Long Program includes 7 nights shared room accommodation at the spacious and beautiful Casa Bellavista, fresh breakfasts and lunches prepared by our gourmet chef, David Smythe, morning yoga and meditations, and the 6 day retreat program taught by Suzy Meszoly. Each participant will also receive three half hour intense private healing sessions with Suzy, before, during and after the retreat.

Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher and healer, Suzy Meszoly, will be offering a special retreat for us to deepen into our sovereign field, expand into our wisdom, and blossom into Divine Love!

Spend a week with us in the "Blue Zone," a top the hill overlooking Montezuma and the mountains, at the peaceful Bella Vista retreat center.

Refresh, rejuvenate and recharge for a full week of rest, fun, and deep spiritual expansion.

Energetic healing activations, sacred teachings, gourmet vegetarian food, gentle yoga, profound meditation, "om"ming, hiking, swimming, waterfalls, beaches, nature preserves, jungle, islands, optional horseback riding, sea kayaking to the underwater volcano, snorkeling and more....

"I have been to Costa Rica many times now and keep being pulled back there again and again by a giant magnet. The vortex energy of the mountains and the ocean on the Nicoya Peninsula for me is like such a feeling of coming home to Mother Earth's peaceful energy like nothing else I have experienced anywhere. And I have travelled a lot! I feel SO great there. The air, the sea, the nature, it feels like my body becomes a teenager's again, I become immediately healthy, vital, peaceful and totally grounded. It is officially a Blue Zone.

I never want to leave, so I keep bringing back my friends again and again to retreats to this very special place. And of course I cannot say enough about my friends Justine and David Smythe, who host us with such grace at their glorious retreat center, far from the bustle of town, quietly nestled on high, with horses running around the grass, and views of the mountains, the "pyramids" and the great ocean. Ah, truly paradise dear friends, you will see!" Suzy

7 Day Retreat Program
Divine Love: Experience through our Body, Emotions, Mind & Spirit

Suzy Meszoly, founder of the Art of Energetic Healing School New York, has developed an exciting retreat program that works deeply with us through the four levels of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Suzy will be leading us in meditation, through powerful activations and energetic systems theory, learning about how we work and why and what we can do to enhance our lives, our energy and our happiness.

Beginning with the Physical Body, we explore creating vital health, Earthing and maintaining alignment and balancing the Liberating and Manifesting vortex energies. We will be developing a powerful support system that creates fearlessness and a firm foundation to Mother Earth. From this sold base, we can become superheroes and live our highest potential.

Second, we investigate The Emotional Body — Gaining wisdom and establishing a new emotional way of being that supports essential happiness and peace. We will be defragmenting, picking up the pieces of the holographic jigsaw puzzle and mapping Oneness on the cellular body and hormonal system.

Third we come to The Mental Body — Flooding the brain with Golden White Light and melting the judgments to pure wisdom. We will be working to dissolve all restraints, repair broken pathways and turbo boost brain activity to increase awareness and bring clarity of thought, positive understanding and dynamic action to life purpose.

And last we expand on The Spiritual Body — Increasing the frequency of being, deepening into the Divine Love and sharing our Uniqueness with all that is. We will be flying through the Nine Dimensions of Earth to connect with our celestial energetic fields, accessing the records, becoming timeless and spaceless to know that we are Divine Light.

Divine Love Retreat
Program Schedule

Day One-- Travel Day
tba Tuesday - Fly into San Jose Costa Rica, hopper flight to Tambor, taxi to Casa Bella Vista

Day Two
tba Wednesday – Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Montezuma town/beach/river swim or nature trail, dinner out early dinner @ Restaurant Montezuma

Day Three
tba Thursday – Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Montezuma town/beach/river swim or nature trail, dinner out early dinner @ Organico Montezuma

Day Four
tba Friday – Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Play Carmen beach or Mal Pais zip line (opt), early dinner out @ Olam Santa Teresa, Evening Public Meditation and Activation Program at Olam

Day Five
tba Saturday - Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Cabo Blanco jungle hike (opt) or Los Cedros Beach, dinner out @ Clandestina Montezuma

Day Six
tba Sunday – Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Tortuga Island Boat Tour and snorkeling (Opt), dinner out @ Restaurant Ylang Lang

Day Seven
tba Monday – Morning yoga & meditation, cleansing breakfast, Retreat Program, pool, lunch, Montezuma town/beach/river swim or nature trail, dinner out early dinner @ Restaurant Montezuma

Day Eight
tba Monday – Breakfast, Taxi transfer to airport, hopper flight to San Jose, international flight home

Registration: $1695 plus travel expenses...
registration for retreats is non-refundable and binding,
retreats are limited to 8-12 participants...  sign up here:

Spiritual Retreat Jan 19-26

Casa Bellavista Hotel Montezuma Costa Rica

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